Overlook Trail Toronto Lake

Mountain Biking in Toronto Kansas

Yes, there is mountain biking in Toronto Kansas! All the trails located at the Cross Timbers State Park allow mountain biking.

Beginning in Toronto Kanasas, the Cross Timbers region is a narrow, rugged, 50-mile finger of steeply timbered hillsides that rise to towering limestone boulders.

Many say the area, also known as the Chautauqua Hills, is the most rugged and beautiful landscape in Kansas. At Cross Timbers State Park, at Toronto Reservoir, trails can take you as deep into the “Wow, look at that” landscape as you like. After a long day of mountain biking in Toronto Kansas we hope you will stay with us at Snag Hollow. We have the tools you’ll need to maintain or repair your bike for the next day’s journey.

Mountain Biking in Toronto Kansas

Mountain Biking in Toronto Kansas

Download a mountain bike trail map here.

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Ancient Oaks Trail

Ancient Oaks Trail at Cross Timbers

The Ancient Oaks Trail at Cross Timbers is a self-guided interpretive trail featuring old growth post oaks. In 1982, scientists from the University of Arkansas Tree- Ring Laboratory analyzed the tree rings of twenty-six post oaks in this area. The Ancient Oaks Trail was built so that fourteen of these old growth trees could be seen from the trail.this is text

Chautauqua Hills Trail

Chautauqua Hills Mountain Bike Trail
Chautauqua Hills Mountain Bike Trail

The Chautauqua Hills Trail offers the mountain biker four connecting trail loops to choose from. The trailheads offer access to the trails. The main trailhead is located on the east side of the Osage Plains Campground. The secondary trailhead on Coyote Road provides access to the two farthest east loops of this trail.

Whatever you choose, either the shortest 1 1/2-mile loop or the longest 11-mile loop, you will see some of the most spectacular woodland and prairie scenery found in the central plains.

Overlook Trail

Overlook Trail Toronto Lake
Overlook Trail at Cross Timbers State Park

Overlook Trail has trailheads and parking located at the East Overlook and at Woodson Cove. The Overlook Trail is 1 1/4 miles long and is rated moderate to difficult for hikers. Mountain bikers may find the trail challenging because there are many sandstone outcroppings and steep ravines. As the trail makes its ending
loop it travels along a cliff that overlooks the lake making for frequent spectacular views in any season. The strenuous climb for bikers and hikers is well worth the effort! Thick carpets of lichens and mosses are prominent features as are seasonal wildflowers unique to this Cross Timbers ecosystem.

Blackjack Trail

The Blackjack Trailhead is across the road from the Blackjack Campground. This one-mile trail is rated moderate for hikers and mountain bikers. The Blackjack Trail is the perfect trail to explore for deer, turkey, and other wildlife native to these woodlands. The Blackjack Trail’s open canopy allows sunshine to filter through the woodlands where spectacular stands of native wildflowers can be viewed.

Oak Ridge Trail

Oak Ridge Trailhead is accessed directly behind the south shower building, adjacent to the cemetery. The Oak Ridge Trail is connected with a spur trail, marked in white, to the Blackjack Trail. The Oak Ridge Trail is 1/2- mile long and with its moderate rating is the perfect trail to initiate the novice hiker or mountain biker, young or old. The forest of blackjack oak, post oak, American elm, red cedar, red bud, and rough-leafed dogwood provide the opportunity to observe wildlife native to this environment.

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