Bass Fishing in Southeast Kansas

Ready for some bass fishing in southeast Kansas? If you are looking for big-mouth, small-mouth, whites or wipers then this is the place for you. Check out the lake conditions here.

While Toronto Lake is more renowned as a crappie lake there are plenty of bass to be caught there and even more so on the river. In fact, during the white bass run in the Spring on the Verdigris river it can get quite lively, if you know where to fish.

Bass Fishing in Southeast Kansas. Woodson County Fishing Lake / Lake Fegan
Bass fishing at Lake Fegan, aka Woodson State Fishing Lake

White bass spawn just above or below riffles, and for a very specific reason. When the females drop their eggs and the males fertilize them, the eggs then settle to the stream bottom and stick to rocks, debris, brush, etc. During incubation, these eggs need oxygen to remain healthy. Faster-moving water around riffles carries more oxygen than does slow water in deep, quiet pools. Eggs deposited in these latter areas are likely to suffocate.

The Woodson State Fishing Lake is well stocked with bass and wipers (white bass & stripper hybrids). The lake was drained a few years back, the dam repaired and then restocked with a variety of fish. As of this writing it has been three years since the repairs were made and while the bass fishing in southeast Kansas has remained strong the bass fishing at Lake Fegan / Woodson Co Fishing Lake is really picking back up.

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