Crappie Fishing in Southeast Kansas

When it come to crappie fishing in Southeast Kansas there’s no better place than Toronto Lake. For your next fishing trip consider a stay at Snag Hollow! It’s close to the lake, the Verdigris river and Cedar Creek, all well known and respected as some of the best crappie fishing in Southeast Kansas. There’s even some decent sized crappie being caught at Lake Fegan / Woodson State Fishing Lake.

crappie fishing in southeast kansas
Crappie Fishing Toronto Kansas

Crappie, or Sac-a-lait, are a schooling fish and are very important game fish in the United States. Crappie are most often caught in the spring time when the annual spawn occurs but can be caught year round. They become less active in very cold water or very warm water. Crappie will always hold on some type of structure and are quite sensitive to light, often moving deeper during the midday hours.

If you’ve been around during the “run” then you already know how amazing the crappie fishing here can be. So, load up the boat, fish from the shore, use minnows, jigs, worms, whatever you like and get over here and have some fun. At Snag Hollow we have fish gutting station and plenty of room for storage right in the man-cave. So make Snag Hollow your base of operation on your next crappie outing.

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