Deer Hunting in Southeast Kansas

deer hunting in southeast kansas - monster buck
This amazing, monster buck was harvested less than two miles from Snag Hollow.

If you’re deer hunting in southeast Kansas you should know whitetailed deer numbers around Toronto, Ks are high and increasing every year. So, if you’re heading to the area to hunt a lease or try your luck on the thousands of acres public hunting in the area then we’d like you to consider a stay in Snag Hollow.

It’s well known the eastern third of the state contain the highest density of whitetail. Whitetail deer have adapted well to the landscape of southeast Kansas finding cover in natural woodlands, shelter-belts, old homesteads and grasslands, and abundant food in the fields. So, if you’re ready to bring one from the woods to the walls then we think you’ll be happy deer hunting in southeast Kansas.

The Toronto Wildlife Area includes riparian timbered areas, grasslands, cropland, and wetland communities. Management includes native plant restoration, prescribed burning, timber management and farming to provide food and habitat for wildlife. Toronto Wildlife Area has 4700 acres of land and water open to public hunting.

On your next deer hunting trip to Kansas we’d like to extend you an invitation to stay at Snag Hollow.

For more local deer hunting adventure a visit to the Woodson Wildlife Area is a must with public hunting for deer and a total acreage of the Woodson Area to 2,885 acres.

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