Duck Hunting in Southeast Kansas

The Toronto Wildlife Area offers some of the best duck hunting in southeast Kansas with 4,600 acres of land and water for public hunting. Common ducks observed around southeast Kansas include the mallard, gadwall, northern pintail, green-winged and blue-winged teal. Ready for some fowl fun in southeast Kansas, consider a stay at Snag Hollow.

Five most common duck in southeast Kansas

  • Blue-winged teal arrive first (peaking in September and early October).
  • Northern pintail begin a major buildup in late October
  • Green-winged teal and gadwall arrive and peak during the first half of November
  • Mallards are the last of the top five to arrive, peaking in late December. The mallard is king in our state, with numbers observed commonly reaching 300,000 during the second half of December.
Duck Hunting in southeast Kansas - Blue Winged Teal
Blue Winged Teal

Blue-winged Teal are long distance migrants, with some birds heading all the way to South America for the winter.

Duck Hunting in southeast Kansas - Northern Pintail
Northern Pintail

Large groups congregate in wetlands, lakes, bays, and even waddle through agricultural fields eating grains during the winter.

Duck Hunting in southeast Kansas - Green Winged Teal
Green Winged Teal

Look for them on shallow ponds and in flooded fields, and listen for the male’s decidedly non-ducklike whistle.

Duck Hunting in southeast Kansas - Gadwall

Males are intricately patterned with gray, brown, and black; females resemble female Mallards, although with a thinner, darker bill.

Duck Hunting in southeast Kansas - Mallard

Mallards have long been hunted for the table, and almost all domestic ducks come from this species.

Learn more about ducks and all other kinds of birds at All About Birds.

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