Morel Mushroom Hunting in Southeast Kansas

Whether it’s their delicious flavor, the thrill of the hunt or bragging rights the finicky morel mushroom finds a home in Toronto Kansas. In fact, the image of the morel on this page was harvested by yours truly in Snag Hollow less than a mile from the property. So when you’re ready to begin morel mushroom hunting book a stay at Snag Hollow.

Morel Mushroom Hunting Tips

Morels found near Snag Hollow, like very near.

Redbuds and morels follow a similar pattern of appearance. If redbud trees are in bloom morels will also be in season. Get your skillet ready if there is a string of rainy days followed by temps in the 60’s-70’s. Early in the season, morels have more of a grey hue and are no more than a couple inches in height. This is when they are the hardest to spot. Later in the season they will turn more yellow and grow anywhere from a few inches to just over a foot high.

Early in the season the edges of forested areas are great places to look. Open areas are warmed by the sun more easily than deep woods. Travel farther into the forest as the season progresses and the ground temperatures rise. Sandy loamy soil is another lucky place to check. Not too dry, not too wet south facing slopes should be the first places you forage. South facing land gets more sun in early spring, so will have warmer ground temps which the morels prefer.

Morels are choosy about where they decide to put down roots. Try your luck at the base of Elm, Ash, Poplar and Apple trees. If these trees are dead or in any stage of dying (sloughing off bark), you will increase your chances of finding a smattering of delicacies.

Up for a hunt? Visit Toronto, Ks. and stay at Snag Hollow. Learn more about Morels.

morel mushroom hunting
Morel Mushroom Hunting in southeast Kansas.
More Morel, more Morel.
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