Cross Timbers Wildlife Area

Cross Timbers Wildlife Area is located 12 miles west of Yates Center in Woodson County, south of Toronto, KS and the heart of Snag Hollow. This region was a favored hunting and camping ground of Native Americans of the Osage Nation. It is almost certain Black Dog himself hunted this area when grizzly bear, buffalo and elk still resided on the plains.

The forested flood plains, surrounded by terraces of prairie and hills of oak savanna, provide sportsmen and women an opportunity to immerse themselves in some of the most diverse flora and fauna in Kansas.

Whether visiting the area to hunt a lease or take a chance on the thousands of acres of public hunting here, there will always be a place to stay at Snag Hollow in Toronto Ks.

Cross Timbers Wildlife Area Map

Cross Timbers Wildlife Area Hunting Map
Toronto Wildlife Area – Cedar Creek Entry

The public hunting area is settled within the hills of Verdigris River valley in southeast Kansas. Comprising 1,075 acres (435 ha) in the northern region known to early pioneers as the Cross Timbers, the park is adjacent 4,600-acre (1,900 ha) Toronto Public Hunting Area and has numerous access points to the 2,800-acre Toronto Lake.

Toronto Wildlife Area, located on the Verdigris River, Walnut Creek, and the north end of the lake, provides year-round viewing for white-tailed deer, red fox, raccoon, and turkey, particularly in the twilight hours. In summer, check the shallow waters for great blue herons. During spring and fall migrations many species of waterfowl can be seen on the lake. Plovers and sandpipers can be viewed on the northern and western mudflats. American white pelicans are common visitors to the open waters. Bald eagles perch and scavenge near the park office in winter. During summer, purple martins are seen around their houses at Toronto Point and Holiday Hill. Look to the sky and you will likely see circling turkey vultures.

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