U.S. Bicycle Route 76

US Bicycle Route 76

If you’re planning a trip across country on US Bicycle Route 76 consider a night of comfort at Snag Hollow in Toronto, Ks. Our place is just two blocks off U.S. Bicycle Route 76, with cozy accommodations in a peaceful surrounding. We have a large shop where you can secure your bikes or repair them. If you have a trailer or RV running with you we have a covered RV hookup.

It will be easy to find us as the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) has been adding new wayfinding signs all along the route.

US Bicycle Route 76
U.S. Bike Route 76

There are plenty of beautiful sites to behold on US Bicycle Route 76 but the Cross Timbers area (where the Ozarks become the Flint Hills here in Kansas) offers scenic vistas, with rolling plains, vast fields of wheat, beans and corn. The southeastern section of Kansas is not what you’d expect at all. It will be obvious as you travel through this area that Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz was absolutely correct, “There’s no place like home!”

History of US Bike Route 76

Bicycle Route 76 originated as the Bikecentennial, the route for a large bike tour organized for the 1976 celebration of the United States Bicentennial. The Adventure Cycling Association was at that time also known as the “Bikecentennial.”

USBR 76 was established in 1982 as an original U.S. Bicycle Route, along with U.S. Bicycle Route 1 from Florida to Virginia. Bicycle traffic along a good deal of Bicycle Route 76 has been sparse to practically non-existent for several years. However, a 2003 conference encouraged the establishment of new interstate bicycle routes, as well as proposing the extension the two existing ones, 76’s western terminus being conjectured on the Oregon coast.

Since 2014, the annual Trans Am Bike Race has used the route.

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